24 Aug 2016


It gives me great pleasure in saying Ryanair's cabin crew recruitment in Wroclaw City on Saturday the 27th of August 2016 in Poland has been cancelled by Ryanair shell company Crewlink Ireland. Many Polish student's wanting to attend this recruitment day have contacted Ryanairdontcare Campaign informing us that because of the details they have seen over the internet regarding Ryanair cabin crew Recruitment for Termination (Ryanairdontcare Campaign ) they have decided not to attend which has made Ryanair/Crewlink cancel this recruitment day in Poland. This is great news. You can see the shameless email which is sent to all students who show an interest to their recruitment on the Internet. The emails starts off with a congratulation, for WHAT ?... ANYBODY WHO REPLIES TO THEIR RECRUITMENT DAY EMAILS IS AUTOMATICLY excepted for an Ryanair cabin crew assessment.. Congratulations, you have been accepted for one of our Cabin Crew Assessment Days. Novotel Wroclaw City- ul. Wyścigowa 35. WROCLAW - 53-011 POLAND Date: Saturday the 27th of August 2016 Interview Confirmation for Ryanair Cabin Crew Position..
From: Crewlink Date: July ........2016 at ...... To:.............................. Subject: Interview Confirmation for Ryanair Cabin Crew Position Reply-To: Crewlink Dear ........., Congratulations, you have been accepted for one of our Cabin Crew Assessment Days. MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS TO ATTEND TO AN ASSESSMENT DAY. Please note if you do not comply with ALL of the below requirements, you will NOT be granted an interview. EUROPEAN UNION PASSPORT · Full, original valid EU Passport and one photocopy of your EU Passport. · Your EU Passport must be valid for at least 18 months from the Assessment Day. (For example, if you attend an interview in March 2016, your passport must be valid until at least September 2017.) · If your EU Passport has expired or will expire within 18 months you will need to bring Proof (i.e. receipt) that you have applied for your new EU Passport. This is a mandatory requirement. · You must bring your European Union Passport or Proof that you have applied in order to be granted an interview. · An ID card in NOT a passport and it is not acceptable. CURRICULUM VITAE (RESUME) IN ENGLISH · One copy of your Curriculum Vitae (Resume) in English, which must be complete and up to date. · All Education and Employment history must be listed with Start and Finish dates for each position (in the format Month/Year) · If you have any Gaps, please insert the Start and Finish date and explain what you were doing during those gaps. · You MUST use the Sample CV attached. Full Length Colour Photograph · One Front Facing Full Length Colour Photograph of yourself wearing formal business appropriate clothing, which clearly shows your head to your feet. TATTOOS – Grooming Regulations · Visible Tattoos are NOT PERMITTED and cannot be covered with makeup or bandages/plasters (for details see the diagram at the end of this email) AVAILABILITY · You have to be ready to start the next available course. FLEXIBILITY · You have to be willing to relocate to any Ryanair’s European bases. Pen and paper to take notes throughout the Presentation. If you DO NOT comply with all of the above requirements, please apply again to a future Assessment Day once you are fully in compliance. OR If you DO comply with all of these requirements right now please continue reading. Useful information: There is NO fee to attend the Assessment Day. A high level of written and spoken English is required. Successful candidates will attend a 6 week self-funded Training Course. No course fee is payable until you successfully pass the training course (http://www.crewlink.ie/en/fees ; http://www.dalmac.ie/training-course-fees.php) All Candidates who successfully complete all aspects of the Training Course will be offered a 3 Year Fixed Term Contract working on-board Ryanair Aircraft. You will be located at one of Ryanair’s many Bases throughout Europe so it is important that you are FLEXIBLE and WILLING TO RELOCATE Assessment Day Running Order: Registration You will complete a Written English Test. Upon successful completion of the Written Test you will receive a full Presentation After the Presentation, your Face to Face Interview will take place. Please ensure that you are available until at least 6:00pm, although it is likely that you will finish earlier. In preparation for the Assessment Day please review the Interview Tips document attached. Dress Code for Assessment Day – you are required to wear the following: LADIES · Knee length skirt with Short sleeved shirt or blouse or Formal/business dress with short sleeves. · Flesh coloured or clear tights. (No denim jeans or casual (disco clothes) permitted) NO TATTOOS ARE PERMITTED. If you have tattoos on your upper back / back of your neck / front of your neck / your face, below your shoulder to your wrist, including your hand, or on or below your knee or on your feet these are not permitted. Tattoos cannot be covered by a bandage, make-up or jewellery. (Please see the Diagram at the end of this email.) GENTLEMEN · Formal trousers with Short sleeved shirt and tie. (No denim jeans or casual (disco clothes) permitted) NO TATTOOS ARE PERMITTED. If you have tattoos on the back of your neck / front of your neck / your face, below your shoulder to wrist, including your hand, these are not permitted. Tattoos cannot be covered by a bandage, make-up or jewellery. (Please see the Diagram at the end of this email.) If you are not wearing the required clothing you will not be granted an interview. As Cabin Crew you will be the face of Ryanair and must maintain the highest grooming standards. We look forward to meeting you at your Assessment Day! Useful websites: Please take the time to visit our websites to familiarise yourself with Ryanair and our companies; www.ryanair.com, www.dalmac.ie and www.crewlink.ie ASSESSMENT VENUE DETAILS VENUE, DATE & START TIME: City: Wroclaw Venue: Novotel Wroclaw City- ul. Wyścigowa 35. WROCLAW - 53-011 POLAND Date: Saturday the 27th of August 2016 Start time: 10:30 am. IMPORTANT - YOU NEED TO ADVISE IF YOU WILL ATTEND I CONFIRM MY ATTENDANCE PLEASE CLICK YES or NO YES NO We look forward to seeing you then! Kind Regards, Crewlink Ireland Limited ”Leaders in Cabin Crew Recruitment, Training and Employment“ ADDITIONAL INFORMATION REGARDING TATTOO POLICY No tattoos are permitted on the following areas. Any tattoos on face, upper back/back or front of neck, below shoulder to wrist, including hand, on knee or leg below or on your foot are not permitted. Please see diagram. The red shaded areas show where tattoos are not permitted. John said, Look at the wording on the email above which states "offered a 3 Year Fixed Term Contract working on-board Ryanair Aircraft." Your officially not working for Ryanair,your working on their aircraft,contracted through Crewlink Ireland who are a shell company of Ryanair that terminate and exploit their young cabin crew for profit. Students in Poland saw our campaign over the internet and could see Ryanair cabin crew jobs are a Scam so Ryanair shell company Crewlink Ireland had to cancel...GREAT VICTORIA. .

13 Aug 2016


Passengers at Ryanair seem to only be interested in a cheap flight which in most cases is not always the case.Do these passengers understand that Ryanair treat their cabin crew so bad. If the bad treatment of cabin crew is not enough to be a concern at Ryanair then shorly safety and security is. Over the last few weeks this blog exposed the Ryanair Fake cabin crew airport id card Scam which is a serious security issue indeed.After receiving a call from Essex Police regarding this issue a few weeks ago it seems as if the police are looking into this scam. If these Fake cabin crew id cards had got in the wrong hands then it would have made it much easier for a person to use these Fake cards to gain access to a Ryanair aircraft. Well Ryanair continue to breach safety on board their aircraft. As many new recruited cabin crew at Ryanair are recruited for the sole purpose of Termination,uniform charge is 100's of € which is making Ryanair a tidy profit. Many former Ryanair cabin crew are angry with this uniform charge and are keeping these Cabin Crew uniform because they are paying a large fee for it. If these Ryanair cabin crew uniforms got in the wrong hand's they could be used to gain access to the cockpit of a Ryanair flight. Walking through passport control with this uniform as carry on and changing once on board a Ryanair aircraft would make this person seem like a real Ryanair cabin crew member and could help them gain access to the cockpit. How come no data base is in place in the control of these uniforms which could create a serious safety and security issue on board not only a Ryanair aircraft but other aircrafts.

11 Aug 2016


We exposed the Ryanair cabin crew Airport id card Scam a few weeks ago at Stansted Airport . Employee was sacked because he was issuing fake airport id cards for cabin crew at Ryanair..Looks like the same going on at Heathrow airport.Airport authorities will have us believe that security of passengers and crew is the priority.This is NOT true,profit is priority the very same airport authorities let Ryanair break many rules and Ryanair seem to get away with it..Landing fee's are priority..
Ryanairdontcare Campaign posting letters a few weeks ago to all airports in the UK informing them of the fake Ryanair cabin crew Airport id cards at Stansted Airport.
Full story here. http://metro.co.uk/2016/08/10/two-women-arrested-over-plot-security-passes-heathrow-6059213/ Ryanairdontcare Campaign exposed the Ryanair cabin crew Fake airport id card Scam at Stansted Airport... http://ryanairdontcarecrew.blogspot.co.uk/2016/07/ryanair-cabin-crew-fake-stansted.html

3 Aug 2016


John said,
Posting this information because Billy Moore from Liverpool has inspired me to write my book about Ryanair which should be out by the end of 2017..Shocking account of Ryanair recruitment policy through Shell companies Crewlink Ireland and Workforce International which has and continues to wreck thousands of young lives which involves Suicide. Many involved are now worth €millions through Ryanair recruitment for termination which is still going on.Irish,UK Government's and Aviation Authorities turn a blind eye. The book will contain details Ryanair,Aviation Authority IAA and the Irish Government will try to ban which will Fail..Once you read this book "never again will you fly Ryanair..The real Ryanair chief Billionaire US David Bonderman TPG and Michael O'Leary have blood on their hands..."Doomed To Fail Mr O'leary"............... Fund Raising Auction for Billy Moore starts Sunday 7th August at 9.pm and ends Sunday 14th August 9pm.Many great items to bid on.All money raised will go to help Billy's holistic alternative therapies path to help him beat this cancer..Please all share this Auction on Sunday which will be posted on Billy's Facebook Page..

2 Aug 2016


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1yEROMAaLVs Ryanair's CEO Michael O'leary not only lying about cabin crew uniforms.He clearly states cabin crew at Ryanair pay for their own uniforms.On BBC2 Jeremy Vine radio show he states they don't..Listen here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tm9FQQUxKA Ryanair exploit,cheat and abuse thousands of young cabin crew for profit through their shell companies Crewlink Ireland and Workforce Intrrnational.Recruitment for Termination is the Ryanair way..www ryanairdontcarecrew.blogspot.com will continue to fight this EVIL management at Ryanair 24/7.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tm9FQQUxKA On 19th May 2016 Ryanair 's CEO Michael O'leary was asked the question on BBC2 radio show (Jeremy Vine) do Ryanair charge cabin crew for their uniform.It is clear Michael O'leary is saying Ryanair pay for the uniform and cabin crew even make a profit.Shocking how this man is getting away with the exploitation of thousands of young cabin crew through shell companies Crewlink Ireland and Workforce International..Recruitment for the sole purpose of Termination..Go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0kFeda55yk&app=desktop and listen to what Michael O'leary said to the British Irish Parliamentary Assembly on 30 March to 1st April 2014 at the 27.49 mark of the video. Cabin crew at Ryanair do pay for their uniforms.We at www.ryanairdontcarecrew.blogspot.com will continue to fight Ryanair senior management 24/7. John said, Michael O'leary is one men not to be trusted.His LYING over cabin crew uniforms above is a small example of the way Ryanair management work. There are two types of cabin crew at Ryanair.One being contracted through Ryanair with a Ryanair contract only about 1000 cabin crew have this contract.Then we have probationary cabin crew 4000 who are exploited in every way through Ryanair shell companies Crewlink Ireland & Workforce International who all pay for their uniform. Ryanair use these shell companies to make money off these probationary cabin crew with 60% terminated making way for new recruits.Per hour rate of pay Scam being one of the main reasons for termination.We at Ryanairdontcare Campaign call it recruitment for termination..The unions and Government's are fully aware and sit back and do nothing whilst thousands of young people all over Europe have their career's wrecked.The last months salary which is all the finances these young cabin crew have after Termination is kept by Ryanair shell companies sending many of these young people into depression and in some cases suicidal..After Termination salary taken and no Ryanair flight home (many based away from home). They must pay even though they have no money.I myself drove to Dublin from Liverpool to pick my own child up in 2008. TIME TO BOYCOTT THIS AIRLINE AT ALL COST.
Bilderberg member Michael O'Leary CEO exploiter at Ryanair....
David Bonderman TPG the real chief exploiter at Ryanair.

1 Aug 2016

GERMAN POLICE TAX RAIDS ON RYANAIR PILOTS.Michael O'Leary's Pilot and Cabin Crew Shell Companies Must Be NEXT?

GERMAN TAX RAIDS ON RYANAIR PILOT HOMES. ... The Ryanair Pilot Group have information that there are 101 Search Warrants currently in the hands of the German Police/Customs. A large number have not yet been executed and we expect the home raids to continue. John said, Brookfield Aviation and McNamara and Associates need to be investigated by the German Police..Ryanair exploit all crew at Ryanair.Profit priority not safety.If it was safety then "What about the Fake airport ID card a scam involving Ryanair at Stansted Airport".
Ryanair Staff memo warns that signing letter airing safety fears would be ‘gross misconduct'... http://ryanairbrookfielddontcare.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/ryanairs-cabin-crew-had-it-bad-wait-til.html


We at Ryanairdontcare Campaign have found out that the Fake Ryanair airport cabin crew id cards used as Stansted airport in the UK came from a office in Dublin. Crewlink Ireland Ltd a shell company set up by Ryanair gave out these Fake ID cards. The addressis, Unit 19 Grange Parade, Baldoyle Industrial Estate, Dublin 13, Ireland let us hope the UK police fully investigate this ID Card Scam. Safety and Security must be priority Ryanair.. Chris Tonge below Email Chris@crewlink.ie has been sacked.Did Ryanair inform British police of this security breach????

28 Jul 2016


WE ARE NOW AWARE THAT RYANAIR NEW ABOUT THEIR FAKE CABIN CREW STANSTED AIRPORT ID CARDS MONTHS AGO AND DID NOT REPORT IT TO THE UK POLICE, INSTEAD RYANAIR TERMINATED CABIN CREW INVOLVED AND DID NOT RE ISSUE REAL AIRPORT ID CARDS TO THEM...RYANAIR ARE TRYING TO BRUSH THIS SERIOUS SECURITY ISSUE UNDER THE CARPET..Ryanairdontcare Campaign have been contacted by Essex Police over this issue. As you can see from the blog tracking below,Stansted Airport and the UK Government have looked at this Ryanair airport Fake ID card today....A full investigation is needed...Ryanair are Not to be trusted when it comes to Safety and Security of passengers and crew.Time to boycott them Now... Stansted Airport ( [Label IP Address] (3 returning visits) United Kingdom FlagStansted, Essex, United Kingdom (No referring link) 28 Jul 12:28:03 RYANAIR EUROPE'S GREATEST TRAINING ROBBERS OF CABIN CREW...We are in no way affiliated with Ryanair.: RYANAIR CABIN CREW FAKE AIRPORT ID CARD AT STANSTED AIRPORT THROUGH RYANAIR SHELL COMPANY CREWLINK..CABIN CREW TERMINATED TO COVER THE SCAM UP. (No referring link) 28 Jul 16:11:42 RYANAIR EUROPE'S GREATEST TRAINING ROBBERS OF CABIN CREW...We are in no way affiliated with Ryanair.: RYANAIR CABIN CREW FAKE AIRPORT ID CARD AT STANSTED AIRPORT THROUGH RYANAIR SHELL COMPANY CREWLINK..CABIN CREW TERMINATED TO COVER THE SCAM UP. Irish Government ( [Label IP Address] (0 returning visits) Ireland FlagDublin, Ireland 28 Jul 13:44:54 RYANAIR EUROPE'S GREATEST TRAINING ROBBERS OF CABIN CREW...We are in no way affiliated with Ryanair. Which man in these photos would you trust.1,The real Ryanair chief Scum Bag David Bonderman of TPG.2,Ryanair's CEO Scum Bag Michael O'leary a bilderberg member.3, John Foley A loving father who's daughter was recruitment scammed at 18 years of age by Ryanair which started Ryanairdontcare Campaign's 7 year battle....The decision is yours... 1.....David Bonderman TPG.........................................
2,...Michael O'Leary. ............................................
3,....Loving father John Foley....................................